Textile Face Masks

Our Textile Face Masks are Made Of Best Quality Soft Cotton. We Make Them In 3 Layers. Last Layer Is Sewed As A Pocket To Use An Extra Filter



Our Skull Textile Face Mask is made of high quality soft cotton, it is made in one size for both men and ladies.


Textile Face Masks in Black

The toughest challenge you’ll be facing this fall is how to make children adhere to strict health protocols and wear face makes.

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At Textilefacemasks.co.uk, we make it a priority to be behind the product. As a production and distribution company, we have made the effort necessary to provide the best quality, efficiency and protection to customers at an affordable price for our textile products.
In the current market there is a great need for sanitary tools, due to the scarcity of these caused by COVID-19. This has led us to get up and undertake the manufacture of short stories tools where functionality is the priority for us. In many parts of the world, it is already an obligation to use the face mask when leaving the house and the biggest current problem is that there are no needs to meet the enormous demand of the communities that face the Coronavirus crisis on a daily basis.
With the reason of need and concern, it is enough to integrate our future production ideas, so we started building a project from our small company for the beneficiaries of communities around the country, envisioning ourselves as a great contributor to the definitive solution to the global crisis we are experiencing.
But in addition to this, Textilefacemasks.co.uk not only manufactures and produces mask textiles, it also has a wide line of products within the textile sector with which it has covered an endless number of sales territories. For this reason, the products and tools to face the COVID-19 are just one of the projects started based on the current crisis, and the great need for support as a commercial agent with products and their distribution.
Our company has a wide list of imported textile products, ranging from sheets to textile masks. Textilefacemasks.co.uk covers to a large extent the import and distribution issues of the textile sector in Asian countries, taking into account the various essential characteristics that each product we provide must possess.
With Textilefacemasks.co.uk you will not have to worry about taking any risk for the import quality of each of the products we offer. This is because we faithfully focus on solving all the import process issues that each requires, such as quality, quantity, sizes, tariffs, among others, by supplying products directly from the UK. The company strives to achieve the highest quality both in its products and in the distribution and import system, to reach customers quickly, efficiently, and offer a product that meets their needs.
Currently the company is importing textile masks, shirts and sheets from Pakistan and Bangladesh, with extensive experience in handling textile products with which we work. This has added experience to our work area as a company, where the main tool that we have as a flag to offer our products is the correct and honest delivery to your destination.
At Textilefacemasks.co.uk we have various means of communication where each of our clients can place their orders and obtain more information about our company and what we offer. We decided to provide our public with the correct ways to buy our products, and they can be obtained on our official website www.textilefacemasks.com, where you will find the shopping section, and at the same time you can also obtain our products, through the application Mobile What’s App and a phone call by entering the following number +44 7779 126126.